The benefits of essential oils

Organic essential oils meet the needs of people who want to improve their well-being or treat certain ailments. To use them wisely, it is necessary to know what essential oil to use for a particular case.

What are essential oils?

It is a volatile and odorous substance extracted in liquid from a part of certain aromatic plants, from their bark, leaves, flowers, roots or buds. Despite its name, the essential oil is free of any fat. Simply experiment with a drop on a paper. After evaporation, there is no trace of the product, unlike a vegetable oil.

There are thousands of plant species throughout the world that produce aromatic essences. However, only about 100 of them contain enough extractable substances to make essential oils.

How do we extract essential oils?

The extraction of essential oils is carried out according to various methods:

  • By distilling the plant with steam,
  • By cold pressing for citrus fruits,
  • By solvent, process especially used for fragile flowers.

What are essential oils benefits?

Essential oils possess biochemical properties beneficial to the body, mind and able to cure many diseases. They are also used to improve comfort in a home. Some aromatic substances are used to refine the taste of culinary preparations. Do you know which essential oil is suitable for a diffuser? Simply consult the catalog of our organic essential oils to find the one that suits your needs.

How to recognize a quality essential oil?

The ECOCERT Greenlife and organic cosmetic labels certify the quality of an essential oil 100% natural, pure, without chemical preservatives or synthetic molecules. Our natural and organic essential oils are neither cut nor diluted.