Biohöma carrier oils are extracts of the best seeds and oleaginous fruits. The raw material is entirely organic. Each oil is tested and validated. The oils were pressed cold, they are 100% natural and organic. Be more beautiful and look natural at the same time protect your body with our organic care products.

Organic carrier oils, their properties and benefits and how to use them?

Carrier oils can be used for massages or for treatments. If you have dry skin? Vegetable oil is an excellent moisturizer. In addition to moisturizing the outer layers of the skin, it will also moisturize the deeper layers of the skin.

For those who are concerned about their appearance, strengthening carrier oils will fight against sagging skin. They will also protect your skin from external attacks.

Carrier oils are good for skin care and also for hair care. A shampoo and hair massage with some carrier oils added will be beneficial to the fiber of your hair. You can also find them in the composition of our organic cosmetics.

Carrier oils can fortify your nails and your hair. In addition to your skin, oil has great properties for the body: nourishing, antioxidant, anti-Inflamitory…  These treatments combat the phenomenon of heavy legs as your blood circulation is improved.

Whatever the uses, the beneficial properties of our Biohöma carrier oils bring you well-being and health.

Carrier oils properties.

We offer a wide range of organic and natural vegetable oil according to your needs. If you have stiffness, dermatitis or ankle injury, Arnica Vegetable Oil is what you need. Aloe oil will quickly soothe your superficial wounds.

St John's wort oil is effective against mild sores and burns. Sweet almond oil can strengthen dry hair or damaged by chemical abuse.

Sweet almond oil will be ideal for delicate skin like those of babies.

Carrot oil is very rich in vitamin A, it is advised in post-sun care.

You will find everything you need in our selection.