If for you too, health and well-being means use of natural products, books on aromatherapy and essential oils will interest you. We have a lot of them for you on this page. (most of them are written in French language)

Books to learn more about aromatherapy...

If you want to know how to use essential oils to better enjoy their virtues, and how to choose them, you need a complete guide. This is why we have gathered for you a wide range of books related to this entirely natural therapy. To ensure their credibility, we inform you that they are all signed by big names like Danièle Festy, Catherine Dupin and Isabelle Pachioni. Reading these books, you can get started without a specialist on essential oil therapy.

Aromatherapy and essential oils books will provide you with practical tips in accordance with your age, situation and health status: child, pregnant woman, people with chronic digestive disorders, etc.

Essential oil guides book for your well-being

You want to feel good in your body and in your head? You will have to regularly give yourself moments of rest and relaxation. This requires a better knowledge of relaxing therapies. Discover this universe by reading books on aromatherapy and essential oils and also on well-being. Danièle Festy is undoubtedly among the most represented French authors, alongside Raphaël Gruman, Veronique Schapiro-Chatenay and Valérie Motte.


Aromatherapy not only allows you to treat yourself, but also to work on your personal therapeutic solutions. To ensure your success in this exercise, we have also selected cookbooks.