Organic Hydrolats

As the name suggests, Hydrosols are aqueous products. They are lighter and contains less active ingredients than the essential oil of a plant. However, they have many virtues. Discover how organic Hydrosols are made and their different uses.

How Hydrosols are made?

The Hydrosols are obtained from the distillation of plants with a still. The operation consists in extracting the active principles contained in the plants. At the end of the process, distillation yields two distinct products: essential oil and Hydrosol also called Hydrolat. The first is an oily product, a true concentrate of active ingredients whose dosage and use require great precaution. On the other hand, the hydrosol is simpler to use, it has a sweet fragrance that faithfully reflects the flower from which it is derived. Organic Hydrosols are made only with natural products without the addition of chemical additives.

Hydrosol uses

Hydrosols are great for a multitude of external and internal uses.

In external use, it is particularly effective for facial care. Depending on the properties of the flower from which it is extracted, it tones, softens, clarifies, soften sensitive, devitalized, dull or dry skin. Used for make-up removing, it helps relieve tired eyes, purifies and soothes oily and fragile skin. Thanks to their astringent and calming virtues, some Hydrosols make it possible to attenuate the dark circles and to treat reddened skin. They can be incorporated into a face mask. A compress soaked with suitable Hydrosol helps to heal bruises, bruises, sunburn and fight against insect bites.

In internal use, some Hydrosols are used to treat intestinal diseases, those of the liver or to stimulate the blood circulation. They are also effective in fighting pain associated with dental thrust. Hydrosols also make it possible to create gourmet or calming recipes to fight the insomnia and the agitation. They can be poured directly into a liquid to obtain delicately flavored water.

Hydrosols and children

Less concentrated than essential oils, Hydrosols are softer and easier to use. They are suitable for the whole family, even for pregnant women and young children.

Hydrosols and its benefits for babies: it can be incorporated into the bottle to help the child sleep or to relieve colic.

Hydrosols in house use

On the margins of its use in cooking to flavor sauces, dishes, pastries or drinks, house Hydrosols can also be used to create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the house. A few drops added in the water when ironning make it possible to delicately perfume the linen.

Conservation over time of Hydrosol

The lifetime of hydrosols is unlimited provided the bottle is kept in a dry place, protected from light and heat.