Essential Oils Synergy Blend

Some essential oils share the same benefits or have complementary effects. If you combined the one with complementary effects you get another product even more effective: a synergies. The composition makes it possible to multiply and amplify the virtues. Often, a synergy of two to three Essential Oils is enough to achieve an amazing result. There are synergies of essential oils for diffusion, massage and for oral use. There are also synergies specially designed to treat sprain, sore throat or stuffy nose.

The Benefits of an essential oils Synergies blend

Synergies are a cheaper way to access aromatherapy. For the ones on a small budget synergies saves you from paying a whole bottle of each essential oil to use only a few drops in a punctual way. It also makes it possible to obtain the equivalent of several essential oils in a single bottle.

They are easier. Synergy allows you to use a mixt of essential oils without having to realize it yourself. It is a true all-in-one formula for specific applications.

It makes it possible to limit the purchase costs while benefiting from the properties of certain expensive essential oils. It is perfectly adapted to the start of an aromatherapy which requires several unusual oils.

The synergy of essential oil is used to treat the skin, colds, congestion of the bronchi.

Examples of essential oil synergy

The essential oil of wintergreen (wintergreen) is known for its anti-inflammatory virtues. Coupled with essential oil of lemon eucalyptus (at 50% each), it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory; It gives spectacular results on rheumatism, tendinitis or sprain.

Cellulite synergy blend: it is specially designed to fight cellulite. Already mixed with organic carrier oil of hazelnut (it leaves a dry touch after application while guaranteeing a good penetration), the essential oils will use their draining and tonic properties. Synergy is used to massage and rub the areas affected by cellulite. You can also do an aromatherapy and use essential oils for diffusion to do this.