Capsules of essential oils

We have known the benefits of essential oils for thousands of years. Until today, these extracts of plants are still amazingly surprising us, as much for the beauty as the well-being.

Essential oils: a natural way to fight diseases

Essential Oils have a curative effect and prevent the emergence of certain diseases by acting on the immune system to fight infectious agents and harmful bacteria.

Essential oils are real substitutes for current medicines and are powerful antiseptics. Their action is increasingly stable compared to that of pharmaceuticals. Essential Oils have proven where many antibiotics have failed, including essential oils capsules for the common cold.

This natural efficiency stems from a discovery dating back to ancient civilizations. If you look at one example: thyme; you discover it was used in old days as a natural ferment, it has become an excellent antiseptic. A 5% dose of aqueous solution of essential oil of thyme eliminates the streptococcus in a few minutes and even the bacillus of the tuberculosis in half an hour.

Essential oils in capsule: oral aromatherapy

These essential oils come in several forms, the most common is that used by a diffuser. Some people prefer the application on the skin or an infusion to drink warm. They can also be administered orally.

The active ingredients in the essential oils capsules act directly on the organism, especially if it is an essential oil destined for the pathologies of the internal organs. The nutrients from the food are mixed with the molecules of the extracts and then digested by the small intestine. Similarly for the capsules to be placed under the tongue, the extracts pass through the papillae and pass directly into the blood. Thus, the benefits are immediately felt.