Neutral tablet

The neutral tablets are made of cold compression of acacia gum selected according to specific criteria.

How to use essential oils orally

Using essential oils orally often leaves a bitter taste on the tongue and mouth. To swallow them easily, the best way is to take them on a neutral tablet. The tablet replaces other items such as sugar, honey and oil. It does not contain natural or artificial sugar such as aspartame.

Initially used in the food industry, the neutral tablets have a very high absorbing property. Many use it in the preparation of sweets, but also in aromatherapy as support for essential oils. However, it is advisable to seek the advice of the pharmacist or a physician before taking them.

Neutral tablet: essential oil orally without sugar

To take orally essential oil, pour one or two drops on a neutral tablet according to the dose indicated by your doctor and allow the mixture to melt under the tongue.

With a tablet, you do not risk having cavities unlike candy, and calorific intakes are almost zero. From a therapeutic point of view, the use of neutral tablet secures the oral intake of these natural extracts.