Essential Oils Spray

For some time, most people have used essential oils as a preventive or curative treatment. Small daily diseases (colds, flu, skin infections, etc.) can be easily treated with these natural extracts.

Essential oils in aromatherapy

To prevent or cure certain benign pathologies, herbal essences are particularly effective. In aromatherapy, the use of these oils has a therapeutic objective, in particular for treating physical or emotional punctual disorders.

Essential oils still have unrevealed secrets. Every day, searchers discover about their incredible benefits. And to facilitate use of essential oils, a large choice of way to use them is available. Massage or scattering has long been a winner over other methods. From now on, with development of essential oils sprays aromatherapy has become more ergonomic and more effective on a daily basis.

Selection criteria

There are thousands of essential oils, so it is important to choose well; Here are four main criteria:

  • The proportion of active principles relative to the volume,
  • Region or country of origin,
  • The production laboratory,
  • The words "natural", "organic" and "pure".

Quality is important when you choose essential oils for a treatment. All elements above should be regarded as proof of a good product.

Precautions when using essential oils spray

The high concentration of active ingredients in essential oils implies to take advice from a health professional before any use. Dermal applications require a medical prescription because of the composition of certain products. For the spray, make sure you use organic essential oils spray to avoid harmful agents like pesticides. A reasonable dosage is also recommended to avoid complications.