GALEA: wood essential oil diffuser

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 Galea essential oils diffuser is a very simple model. Without timer or light, it is only equipped with a dimmer which also serves as a switch. It is a decorative product, the Galea is an essential oil diffuser made of wood with a round glassware. This device operates on the principle of diffusion by micronization. Powerful, reliable and quiet, it is ideal for room up to 80 or 100 m2.

  • Type: Nebulizing (EU plug you may need an adapter)
  • Material: glassware and wooden base
  • Color: Bois foncé ou clair, noir ou rouge
  • Room size: up to 80 square fmeters (961 sqf)
  • Dont éco-part.: 0,05 €

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This diffuser is interesting because it does not heat essential oils. Indeed, the oils contained in the glassware are sucked up the internal nozzles. They will then be propelled onto the wall of the glassware to create an aromatic mist of microscopic particles, which is emitted by the muffler located on the top of the glassware.

To avoid permanently obstructing the diffusion system of your Galea wood essential oil diffuser, use only pure essential oils. Thus, never dilute these in vegetable oil or water. Also avoid filling the glassware with more than 10 to 15 drops of essential oil. Otherwise, the pump may be damaged. If 20 drops correspond to about 1 ml of essential oil, know that a diffuser consumes about 1 to 2 ml per hour, depending on the diffusion rate chosen.

It is always recommended to use the device with the silencer. The purpose of this function is to regulate the noise and also to prevent dirt from reaching the glassware and damaging it.
In addition, cleaning your glassware must be done on a regular basis. To change the oil, first carry out common cleaning, which is done ideally with alcohol. It is a simple and more effective way.

But it is even better to carry out a more thorough cleaning on a regular basis using a special diffuser cleaner. Thus, you can use your device with serenity. You can adapt it to the surface of the room, because this diffuser is equipped with a speed variator with switch.