Amphora aromatherapy diffuser

Direct Nature

Amphora is a decorative diffuser model. Behind its elegant glass structure, there is an efficient appliance with a covering capacity of 100 to 120 m2 room. It is equipped with a multicolour and rotating diode diffusion system. It can be controlled via the 3-position switches on its wood base. It adapts to any type of interior.

  • Type: Micronisation diffuser (EU plug you may need an adapter)
  • Material: Glass and wood
  • Color: clear wood
  • Room size: up to 120 square meters (1291sp f)
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The amphora diffuser uses the micronization diffusion system. Powerful and reliable, it can be used in rooms up to 120m2. It has a switch to control its speed of diffusion. Beyond this functional aspect, do not forget that Amphora is a very decorative essential oils diffuser. It is made of transparent glass with a refined design. Thanks to the interaction between the 5 light-emitting diodes and the oils, the device offers an amazing visual display. The diffuser is also designed to deliver great performance. Despite this, its engine generates no noise. It is even equipped with a foam structure to reduce vibration. Only, there are some precautions to take when using it.

How to use Amphora safely?

Although amphora is of reliable quality, diluted oils are not recommended as they will completely block the diffusion channel. Use only pure oils. As for its dose, 10 to 15 drops at the maximum. An excess amount will damage the pump. If you use another unit of measurement, know that 20 drops are equivalent to about 1 ml. The device must also be protected so that its orifice is not blocked. Use diffusers with mufflers. A device is installed to protect the inside of the glass from dirt. It is also important to clean this diffuser of essential oils regularly. For this purpose, use alcohol or the special cleaner of Direct Nature.