ELIXIA essential oïl diffuser

Direct Nature

With a compact design, the ELIXIA ceramic essential oil diffuser can cover rooms up to 100 m2 for half an hour. It allows discreet use and adapts to any type of interior. The aromatic molecules are released without being heated by a cold nebulization system, in order to preserve their properties.

  • Type: Nebulizer (EU plug you may need an adapter)
  • Material: Porcelain and Pyrex glass
  • Color: white or black
  • Room size: Up to 100 square meters (1076 sq f)

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Advantage ELIXIA essential oils diffuser

This ceramic essential oils diffuser is perfectly suitable for any use especially at home, in a company, or even in a gym. The device is silent, its design, its color and the escaping mist make the product very decorative. It is stylish and blends harmoniously into your living room. Its light-emitting diode creates a vehement atmosphere in the room.

Essential oils are not burned, so they retain their aromatic properties. It is possible to adjust the diffusion to suit the volume of your room. Moreover, this product combines sobriety and efficiency, because it is easy to clean thanks to Pyrex glassware. You will avoid dirt and an unfortunate clogging with the calibrated injectors that equip it.