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Relaxation Essential Oils sponge diffuser

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Relaxation Essential Oils sponge diffuser contains a blend of essential oils known for their relaxing properties. The sponge inside the pot serves as a diffuser and makes surface oil up by capillarity. As these selected oils are sufficiently volatile, all you have to do is leave your pot open for a few hours to enjoy its relaxing benefits. Thus, the relaxing essential oil can spread naturally in your rooms without electrical connection. It is, moreover, the simplest and the most economical of the diffusers.

  • Size: 45 ml

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Tips for using relaxation Essential Oils sponge diffuser

This product is packaged in a glass jar with an aluminum lid and can contain 45 ml of essential oils. The essential oils contained in this sponge diffuser are 100% pure, natural and come from:

Marjoram with shell
Wild Marjoram
Small grain

Ideal for a room of about 7 to 8 m2, this relaxing sponge diffuser with a pleasant smell promotes relaxation, well-being and sleep. It is an excellent product for a moment of relaxation or for peaceful nights at home. Thanks to the principle of natural diffusion, you will not need to use electricity.

To reactivate it, once a week, after closing the pot, it must be turned over for a few minutes. To prolong its life, simply close your pot after each use. On average, your natural diffuser of relaxing essential oil will last 2 to 3 months if you take care to close it well before leaving the room. However, its life is shortened if your room is too heated. It can be used in the office, in the kitchen, the bedroom, the toilet, the bathroom or any other room in your home.

The sponge can last 3 to 4 years depending on the essential oils used. It is also possible to reactivate it by mixing it with the 30 ml or 100 ml bottles of oil. It is not recommended to use it in the presence of the pregnant woman or a child under 6 years old.