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  • Health & Wellness , Tips - 06/08/2018

    7 best essential oils for weight loss

    Search for a miracle slimming cure is certainly futile, but there are aids that can be valuable and totally natural during a diet. Essential oils are full of powers that work for the physical part aswel as for the spirit, they will help for your diet . In order to choose the most appropriate essential oil for each need, here we list 7 essential oils particularly effective for weight loss.

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  • Health & Wellness - 09/08/2017

    Treating inflammation with essential oils

    Inflammation occurs on a part of the body when there is infection, an attack from the outside (for example injury), a dysfunctioning part of the body (knee for example) or even because the organism deceives itself and fights against itself (autoimmune diseases). Essential oils have are amazing to fight inflammation, they can treat you naturally and without side effect.

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  • Health & Wellness , Kids , News - 08/21/2017

    Top 5 back to school essential oil that will keep family happy and healthy

    Summer will soon be gone, kids and adults will be going back to new daily routine. It is time to take good resolution for a happy and healthy school year. There’s few things that parents can do to help their kids wake up happy, focus at school understand better and relax when back at home. Organic back to school Essential oils is the tool than can naturally take care of many troubles and disorders and simply make things much easier.

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  • Ask the Expert , Health & Wellness , Kids , Tips - 04/28/2017

    The best anti mosquito essential oils!

    Every year when warmer weather approaches we enjoy again outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, gardening. We also find the discomfort of mosquito bites. Our first reaction is often to use a conventional insecticide. But do we know how much their chemical components can become toxic in the long term. This is why using anti-mosquito essential oils is a more natural choice, and often more effective one.

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  • Tips - 01/13/2017

    Homemade essential Oils diffuser

    Creating a sweet and pleasant-smelling atmosphere at home is easy with a little imagination and DIY. Simply consider using a homemade essential oil diffuser and you should be feeling great as you want: cinnamon for Christmas, flowers in spring, patchouli for zen atmosphere. Here are some DIY tips that require simple and easy-to-find materials.

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