LENEA: ultrasonic oil diffuser

Direct Nature

This essential oils diffuser is the perfect technology for moistening your interior. Thanks to its new plastic tank, you can at the same time diffuse essential oils. This powerful evaporative essential oils diffuser emits a very fine mist that will disperse in the room. This system is very simple because you have all the functions grouped on two switches.

  • Type: Ultrasonic diffuser (EU plug you may need an adapter)
  • Material: plastic
  • Language: EU plug you may need an adapter
  • Color: Bois, Blanc, Noir, Rouge ou Chocolat
  • Room size: up to 30 square fmeters (322 sqf)
  • Dont éco-part.: 0,05 €

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This evaporative essential oils diffuser has internal lights that rotate and that can be seen by transparency on the top cover. It will be part of your decoration thanks to its modern design. Its round shape and colorful hood will allow fit easily into your room.

To further enhance the ambience in your room, you can set the color of the light or activate the LEDs of different colors. Another advantage is that the mist generator has been designed for a longer life.

This diffuser is very simple to use since it is enough to pour water into the inner receptacle thanks to the upper part of its detachable tank. Then pour a few drops of essential oil, plug it and press the switch.

By putting these drops of essential oils in the tank, you can create different atmospheres. Then you have to choose the diffusion mode that suits you best. With the two switches on the side of the device, you have the choice between alternate and continuous mode.

Equipped with a water level sensor, the appliance stops automatically when there is no water left. However, it should only be used with tap water and therefore does not work with softened or distilled water. Finally, remember to clean it regularly, especially the water level sensor.