SAXO: mist fountain Essential Oil Diffuser

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Fontaine SAXO is an ultrasonic type of  essential oils diffuser, it aims to optimize the comfort of the house. Not only does it produce a mist of water, but also generates lighting. These two elements help to make the room more cozy. It is a durable product as it incorporates a water level sensor. This is a guarantee of protection of the ceramic disc.

  • Type: Ultrasonic mist fountain diffuser (EU plug you may need an adapter)
  • Material: frosted glass and bamboo
  • Room size: Up to 30 square meters (323 sqf)
  • Dont éco-part.: 0,05 €

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Before assembling the ultrasonic essential oils diffuser Fontaine Saxo, you must first ensure filled the vase with water. It is important to respect the indicator.
It is also possible to add essential oil in water. However, do not overdo it, this can lead to the destruction of your diffuser. The ideal condition is 2 to 3 drops. Speaking of liquid, remember only tap water whould be used and that salt water will have to be banned. Cleaning the ceramic disc is required. To do this, use a soft cloth and clean water. During the wash, be sure to turn off the diffuser. Of course, you will not be electrocuted since the device is equipped with insulators that protect it. . As time passes, the disc will wear out. If this is the case, it must be replaced immediately. According to the experts, it must be done after 2000 hours of use.