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Borage organic oil


Borage comes from the Latin word Borago officinalis. This plant is native to Europe and is of the family Boraginaceae. It has a cylindrical stem that can reach up to 60 cm high. The borage is covered with short, firm hairs. Its seed is used for the production of oil. An oil with many benefits including cutaneous it has firming effects, anti stretch marks and can be used as a firming, anti-wrinkle!

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  • Botanical Name: Borago officinalis
  • Botanical Family: Boraginacées
  • Country of Origin: Europe
  • Plant part: Graines
  • Extraction Method: Pressage
  • Size: 100 ml

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Organic borage oil Virtues

  • The seeds of this plant have therapeutic virtues because they contain omega-6. The pressing of this part of the plant allows to have organic borage oil. The latter is effective in getting rid of rashes or eczema. It helps to calm irritation. Some people also use the plant in case of stomach disease or respiratory inflammation. It also optimizes the secretion of urine. Finally, it is a great way to fight high blood pressure.
  • To maximize the benefits of borage oil, you must know how to use it. The most advisable is to use it externally. The oil is applied to the affected part of a dermatosis. In this way, gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid will work and will reduce irritation. Nevertheless, it can also be administered orally, but it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor.
  • The Germans use it in the field of gastronomy. In this country, borage is part of the ingredients for making a salad, an omelette, a sweet ...