Sweet Almond organic Oil


Sweet almond oil comes from the sweet almond, fruit of the almond tree, fruit tree with white and pink flowers. It has many properties, which is why it is widely used in the world of cosmetics and aromatherapy. It is best known for its soothing and softening action on dry and irritated skin. The fatty acids it contains are very nourishing and therefore ideal for damaged and dry hair.

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  • Botanical Family: Rosaceae
  • Botanical name: Prunus dulcis
  • Plant part: Nut
  • Extraction Method: Cold pressed
  • Size: 50 ml

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Virtues and tips to use organic sweet almond oil

Rich in vegetable fats, this product contains the elements essential to the elasticity of the skin and to accelerate the cellular repair. This is why it is particularly suitable for young children.

In addition, its special virtues make it an great oil for dry and broken hair. For hair care, it should be applied as a mask on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. In addition to giving them a new sheen, it will act positively to make your hair less fat. Sweet almond oil effectively removes dead skin and regulates the production of sebum.

You can also use it directly on your skin to allow to fix it. It brings hydration to your skin, tones it, softens it and eliminates stretch marks.

Sweet almond oil works on the skin cells and plays a major role in their production. Known for its softening virtue, it is used to combat skin problems such as sunburns, eczemas, etc. Be advised, however, that it is recommended for hand cracks, on all type of skin.

This oil strikes remarkably against diabetes since it reduces blood sugar peaks. It is also an interesting remedy for constipation and cholesterol.

Rich in iron, proteins, minerals, copper and zinc, it is your true ally for wellness and health. To flavor your dishes, a few drops are enough, but you can also eat it directly in a teaspoon. You can pour 2 or 3 drops in your bath, while you relax there quietly.