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Sesame Organic Oil

Direct Nature

This oil has many virtues, especially aesthetic. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has softening and moisturizing properties. This helps to regenerate the skin and maintain its elasticity. Sesame oil nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy film. Natural protection against UV, it is also used to treat lighter burns such as sunburn.

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  • Botanical Family: Pedaliaceae
  • Botanical name: Sesamum indicum
  • Plant part: Seeds
  • Extraction Method: Cold pressed
  • Size: 100 ml

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Virtues and Uses of Sesame Oil for skin

Cosmetics professionals appreciate this oil because it has many virtues essential to the skin. This is why it is often used to relieve burns after long exposure to the sun or winds.

It neutralizes the toxins that develop on the skin and in the pores. Its use is largely sufficient to revive the skin. Thanks to its nourishing property, it nourishes the scalp and limits or even prevents the formation of dry films.

Applied to baby's skin, it helps prevent diaper rash, this skin inflammation caused by prolonged contact with a soiled diaper. Moreover, it heals remarkably and acts as an excellent natural remedy against stretch marks.

In the respiratory system, it protects against pathogens of the skin and against bacteria and viruses in the air. Many also use it before and after radiotherapy treatment. Indeed, sesame oil neutralizes free radicals caused by it.

Another important benefit is an effective remedy against dental caries. For this, make a mouthwash regularly after each meal. It also appears to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels in hypertensive diabetics.

A few drops poured into a shower product will limit the risk of vaginal mycosis. You can also apply it in self-massage on the limbs from the bottom to the top. Then make circular movements to stimulate the energy of the affected areas.