How to treat cellulite?

There are multiple ways to get rid of the unsightly fats accumulated in our body. One of them is the use of essential oils for cellulite. But how to use them?

How to treat cellulite using essential oils

Cellulite can be defined as fat cells that accumulate in certain areas of our body such as the hip, legs, belly and others. Aqueous, adipose, mixed or fibrous as it might be, in any case you need to know its characteristics before treating it. Oral consumption and body massage with anti-cellulite essential oils are part of the best ways to effectively get rid of it. For this second option, a blend with other carrier oils is advocated in order not to irritate the skin. In this case, neutral vegetable oils such as argan oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, macadamia and hazelnut oil are highly recommended.

Body parts subject to cellulite

Women are the most prone to cellulite; it can easily develop somewhere on your thighs and buttocks. Belly, hip and legs can also be affected. To remove it, some essential oils for cellulite can do the trick provided that they are used regularly. Combined with healthy eating and regular physical activity, these external applications can effectively remove it from your body.

Anti-cellulite oral treatment and body massage with essential oils

This trick consists of following a lemon essential oil treatment mixed only with verbenone rosemary. A drop of each oil with a neutral tablet to suck twice a day for 10 days will help you eliminate bad fats.
Another option: take a drop of 20%-diluted eucalyptus dives and apply it into the affected area. Make a gentle massage during the bath by adding a few drops of juniper essential oil on the shower gel. Massage the most affected areas every morning and evening. To be effective, the massage must last at least 5 minutes followed by a couple of gymnastic movements.
If you are up to combine several active principles, pour a drop of geranium, a drop of palmarosa and 5 drops of calophyla vegetable oils in one recipient and use the mix for massage twice a day.
Known for its fat-reducing properties, using 20%-diluted grapefruit essential oil for massage or consumption equaling 2 drops with a neutral tablet to take 3 times a day during 7 days can help you eliminate your fat cells gently. Otherwise, use 20%-diluted camphor rosemary essential oil with calophyla, the best vegetable oil for cellulite, and massage it into the dimpling areas every morning and evening. This will guarantee you very good results.

palpate-roll massage with essential oils to fight celluliteBiohöma advice

For palpate-roll massage, make a solution of geranium essential oil mixed with grapefruit essential oil, eucalyptus dives essential oil, calophyla vegetable oil and apricot kernel vegetable oil to decrease the skin dimpling appearance while boosting lymphatic and venous circulation.
Above all, the palpate-roll technique is intended for manual massage though it is possible to use a machine available in the market. It consists of a series of pinches on the epidermis starting from the bottom to the top, which subsequently knead the skin, improve the tissues’ elasticity and activate circulation in the body. Of course, the outcome could be more effective with the contributions of essential oils. But care must be taken as this type of massage is not suitable for people with circulation problems or injured skin.

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