How to treat burns?

Skin burn is an accident that we have all experienced in one way or another. From chemical to burning flame or an unexpected movement, it may lead to severe pain. Sometimes we have not prepared ourselves to deal effectively with this situation. How do we recognize that we have a serious burn? What should be done in case of burns? How effective are essential oils in healing burns?

Knowing first-degree burns

Types of burns are classified according to the severity of the lesions on the skin. If it is slightly affected, you have a first-degree burn. It can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun or contact of the skin with hot water. After a few days, the skin peels. Dead cells piled themselves up due to the burn and formed a small desquamation on the top layer of the skin. The injured person may also feel a slight stretch on the burnt area, likely resulting from the presence of inflammatory edema on the lesion. In this case, essential oils for burns are highly recommended to first sooth the pain then ignite wound healing.

Knowing second-degree burns

A person suffering a second-degree burn needs serious medical attention. When the skin burn is very severe, it goes deep in the underlying layers and sometimes all parts of the body are affected. A prolonged contact of the skin with a corrosive chemical or electrical current falls in this category. Those trapped in a fire always come out with second-degree burns. In this case, the skin needs more time to renew itself. Vulnerable as it is, the skin can be easily infected by germs. Essential oils for burns are therefore recommended for their anti-infectious, antiseptic and healing properties. Aspic Lavender is one of them.

What to do in case of burn?

The first thing to do is to neutralize the burn. It involves cooling the skin by running it under cool water to prevent the spread of heat. Equally important is the need to take the victim away from the source of heat: fire, electric current, sun exposure, burned or chemical-soaked clothing, etc. The next step is to avoid infection. While the skin serves itself as our body’s protection barrier against the invasion of microbes, burns weaken this natural defense mechanism. On a mild burn, it is possible to apply essential oil for burn to relieve the victim’s pain and prevent infection.

Treat and relieve burnt skin with essential oilsTreat and relieve burnt skin

A burnt skin requires special care to reduce inflammation, promote cell regeneration and relieve the victim’s pain. In case of sunburn, a smooth massage with Calendula or Calophyla vegetable oil can help vanish the irritation and subsequently provide immediate relief. In case of more severe burns, you can apply two drops of Aspic Lavender essential oil to the affected area. For larger burns, dilute Aspic Lavender with Calendula vegetable oil and apply it to the affected skin.

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