How to treat urinary tract infections

Whether you are a man or woman, a urinary tract infection is one of those illnesses that keep you at discomfort all day long, causing burns and abdominal pain during urination. There are several treatments available for patients, but essential oil for urinary tract infection often proves effective in relieving the ailments.

Areas affected by the urinary tract infection

As its name suggests, this disease affects the entire urinary tract from the urethra to the kidneys, passing through the bladder and ureters. That is where the more or less serious complications caused by the infection, depending on the affected area, occur. Infectious cystitis, characterized by the inflammation of the bladder, is the most common.

If you ever think of adopting an essential treatment, tee tree for urinary tract infection is one of the most recommended remedies for this. Infectious urethritis particularly affects urethra; it may be due to contamination from a sexually transmitted disease. Then comes the pyelonephritis which is the most formidable among urinary tract infections. In case of inadequate treatment, cystitis can occur at a stage where the kidney is fully inflamed due to rising bacteria at its level.

Effective remedies: which treatment to choose?

Since urinary tract infections may affect various areas in the abdomen, a consultation by a doctor is always advisable. A diagnosis of the UTI condition may be carried out to detect which area of ​​the urinary tract is affected. In most cases, women have a great chance of getting infectious cystitis. It causes harm to the bladder.

Niaouli essential oil is capable of reducing the burning sensation and can be combined with antibiotics if the inflammation is caused by germs from the intestine. With Cramberry juice treatment combined with a care based on 2 to 3 drops of tee tree for urinary tract infection, all chances of catching UTIs are sure to disappear. Thymol thyme and Tropical Basil essential oils are also recommended for their anti-infectious, anti-bacterial and antiseptic virtues.

How to use essential oil to beat urinary tract infections?How to use essential oil to beat urinary tract infections?

Essential oils are 100% natural products, very concentrated and highly powerful. Thus, care must be taken to avoid the risk of overdosing. Such medical indication should be followed thoroughly if several essential oils are in use. If possible, use a dropper for more precision in the dosage.

Coat your finger with one to two drops of essential oil and gently dab the inflamed area. If you support tingling, just don’t hesitate to perform it on the most painful area for more efficiency. Apply the same treatment after the toilet. And it is imperative not to use irritants when taking a shower. Rinsing should be avoided as it may prevent the essential oil from acting more deeply. It should be noted that this treatment should be performed within a limited time. After more than one week, if the symptoms still show off, call a doctor. Pregnant or nursing women should not use these essential oils.

Bath seat treatment can also be effective. For this option, make a synergy of essential oils that includes Tea Tree, Lavender and Geranium Rosat, 5 drops each, blend them with 40 drops of Disp'Arome and pour the mix in cold water.

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