How to treat stress?

How to treat stress?

Feeling a ball in the stomach, sweating, tightness in the neck, excess or loss of appetite, fatigue, headaches ..., those are sensations leading to stress. Pressure at work, traffic jam, bills to be paid and bad companions are among the sources of stress with which everyone deals in our day-to-day life.

What is Stress? What is it for?

Stress is a natural reaction of the body in response to a given external situation. Thus, finding a way-out to avoid overwork is the best step to take, that is, finding an anti-stress natural remedy. In any case you need to learn how to tame it for the sake of our vital functions.

When you feel stressed, its manifestation triggers a certain amount of energy which the organism needs in order to regain a certain balance when facing external pressures. The state of stress thus arises from a feeling of imbalance between the constraints imposed by the environment and the means you think you have to overcome them.
Long-term consequence to the body:

The body is exhausted, aged faster ...

In the long term, stress can trigger multiple physical symptoms such as excessive body exhaustion and early signs of aging such as back pain, wrinkles and cardiovascular problems. In some cases, it can make the person depressive and insomniac.
Fortunately there are multiple tricks and natural products, namely the use of eucalyptus essential oil for stress, that help limit those risks.

How to handle it?

Soft methods include practicing sport, yoga and enhancing relationship. Also remember to remove from the list of your favorite foods stimulants like alcohol, tea and coffee. Alongside those different stress-managing methods, also make use of anti-stress essential oil. After all, the perfume from this kind of natural product help you reach your inner peace or zen.

This women uses anti-stress essential oilsHow to use anti-stress essential oils?

The best remedy is sometimes a simple thing. Essential oils actually prove themselves to be an effective anti-stress remedy. Here follows are four ways to use essential oils for stress:

Anti-stress diffusion

Make a blend consisting of 5 drops of pure Lavender with 5 drops of Ylang-ylang and 5 drops of Red Mandarin essential oils. Once ready, diffuse the blend in the office or in any other room where you have to spend more than 30 minutes. The diffusion must last about thirty minutes.

Breath a drop in

Pour a drop of Petit Grain Bigarade or Red Mandarin essential oil on your wrist or solar plexus, the body part between your sternum and navel which is your neuro-vegetative center. All you have to do is to breathe it regularly.

Drop on a tablet

In case you need to attend such a stress-generating event like an exam, pour 1 drop of Marjoram and 1 drop of pure Lavender essential oil on a neutral tablet and swallow it. To further reduce your stress level, you can repeat this several times a few hours apart before the event starts.

Anti-stress bath

Mix 5 drops of anti-stress Lavender essential oil with 5 drops of Eucalyptus Globulus in a bath gel or in a diluted Disp'Arome. Pour the mix obtained into a hot bath. Now, all you have to do is enjoy this relaxing moment.
“Stress is a natural reaction of the body that we must learn to tame for the sake of our vital functions”.

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