How to treat wrinkles?

In wrinkles are inscribed all marks and memories of your past life. While they make some people look charming, many women and men fear them. Here are some tips that can help you eliminate wrinkles with essential oils. But first, let’s have a brief focus on wrinkles!

What are wrinkles? How do they appear?

A wrinkle is characterized by some folds appearing on the surface of the skin. It is due to the gradual disappearance of two proteins, elastin and collagen, whose role is to maintain the elasticity of our skin. Over time, the action, production and quality of these two proteins diminish. The skin loses its tone and firmness and wrinkles begin to show off.

Difference between expression wrinkles and aging wrinkles

Expression wrinkles, also called dynamic wrinkles, are initially caused by the contractions of the facial muscles when we perform expression mimics such as facial twitching or forehead/eyes wrinkling.

As for age wrinkles or static wrinkles, they are associated with aging. They appear as the skin gets loose and loses its elasticity. Unprotected exposure to the sun may also accelerate its appearance.

How to counter the appearance of wrinkles?

To begin with, know that the sunlight is the number 1 agent causing wrinkles and skin cancer as well. In this case, avoid the sun and protect yourself by using a sunscreen lotion or by wearing a hat.

As we already know, a good diet helps us maintain soft and healthy skin. Thus, opt for healthy yet organic meals as they promote the renewal of cells and the production of collagen. Favor foods like salmon, soy and fruits containing active anti-wrinkle nutrients that nourish the skin deep down.

Some anti-wrinkle creams also contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Instead, choose natural anti-wrinkle ones. They are much more effective. To soften fine lines, apply some drops of olive oil, borage oil or vitamin C capsules on your face.

Comment utiliser les Huiles Essentielles contre les rides ?How to use essential oils for wrinkles?

Here are 3 very effective methods!

  • You can make your own cream more active by blending it with some essential oils. For this, you can start by adding 1 drop of Hô wood in your day cream. As for the night cream, add 1 drop of geranium rosat along with 1 drop of rosemary-verbenone. Mix them all thoroughly before each application.
  • To make a mask with anti-wrinkle oil, you need 15ml of apricot vegetable oil and 15ml of Macadamia vegetable oil. Then add 2 drops of geranium rosat, 2 drops of rosemary-verbenone and 2 drops of Hô wood.
  • Make a facial massage with a blend of 10 ml of organic musky rose oil and 2 drops of rose geranium essential oil.

Now all you need to do is to adopt the best anti-wrinkle care and enjoy the benefits it brings!

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