How to treat Tendonitis?

Tendonitis or tendinitis is a common hassle among athletes and those who perform repetitive physical movements. It is characterized by the inflammation of the tendons or ligaments that causes a potentially severe pain. So the best practice to adopt is to prevent it or treat it in time if you want to rapidly get fit for your day to day activity.

How tendons and ligaments are working ?

Tendons are chord-like muscle structures primarily found in the ankle, shoulder or the wrist. They are not very elastic but robust enough to connect the muscles to the bones. They are composed of collagen fibers, offering them a good resistance. Note that those ligaments play an essential role in the cohesion of a joint during movements. If the joints are devoid of them, our bones would get dislocated every time we make a movement. Tendons are exposed to multiple wear-and-tears in some sports; such exposure may lead to tendonitis and eventually prevents you from doing your daily task. That is why prevention or a timely treatment is paramount.

How to prevent tendonitis ?

When practicing sport, warm up first and always drink water during and after the exercise. Fact is that hydration protects tendons and ligaments and helps ease their progressive and non-brutal stretching, which can be painful. Also avoid overly repetitive tractions because if the same muscle is stretched too many times, it will eventually harm the tendons. So here comes the need to vary the movements. Wear comfortable, lightweight shoes and choose the right sport gears that fit your body shape. In case you feel that you develop tendonitis, consider treating it before the situation worsens.

Use anti-inflammatory essential oils for tendonitis

Try tendonitis-healing gaulteria essential oils (also called Wintergreen) to sooth the pain. Mix one or two drops with eight doses of carrier oil on the painful area and gently massage it 4 times a day until the pain vanishes. It can be applied without any other component. And, if you want to apply it to a larger area or if you have a particularly fragile skin, it is recommended to dilute the essence with vegetable oil. The latter would facilitate the massage.
 Its energy-boosting and hydrating qualities makes it a go-to-oil for massage; a blend of essential oils for tendinitis is a super effective pain soother and can even treat tendinitis. These essential oils are mostly praised for their anti-inflammatory virtues. For more improved result, you can also perform a synergy with 1 drop of Gaultheria and Lemony Eucalyptus and mix them with 1 drop of Arnica hazelnut essential oil. Gently and slowly massage the affected area with the mix.

Use anti-inflammatory essential oils for tendonitisBiohöma tips to avoid tendonitis              

The prevention of tendonitis actually requires a less acidic and well-balanced diet. Thus, it is advisable to eat healthily with lots of vegetables and fruits while reducing sweets and fried foods. May we remind you that overly fatty, sweet and caloric foods stimulate inflammation and may harm your entire body. Also drink lots of magnesium-packed water, a vital element for tendons and even bones’ nourishment. Limit the amount of proteins you consume and try out omega 3-rich oils such as nuts, colza, camelina, etc.

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