How to treat tonsillitis?

A sore throat, fever and difficulty swallowing are often signs of tonsillitis. Quite contagious, tionsillitis is due to the spread of viruses or bacteria in the air. Although it does not normally pose a significant health risk, the symptoms are very painful and unpleasant. We recommend a tonsillitis treatment with essential oils as it will reduce inflammation of the tonsils and boost the immune system.

What is tonsillitis?

Palatine tonsils are lymphoid tissue located at the back of the throat. Part of our immune system, because of their location, they are the first line of defense against viruses and bacteria that enter our body through the nose and mouth.

Tonsils Inflammation is the reaction to a bacteria or a virus, we call that tonsillitis and also angina. This is something that happens frequently, especially with children. Tonsillitis symptoms are painful and particularly uncomfortable, but tonsillitis rarely presents a health risk. Most people with tonsillitis will recover within few days, and all the symptoms disappear after a week.

How to treat tonsillitis ?

Treatment of an angina is different depending on whether it is caused by a virus or a bacterium. A doctor may prescribe antibiotics if it is a bacteria. These antibiotics will have no effect in case of virus. To know the viral origin of an angina, the doctor can do a test to detect the streptococcus, in the absence of bacteria the viral origin is assumed. Whatever the origin of the angina, to feel better one must get much rest. You have to drink a lot to stay hydrated, and why not hot drinks with honey that will tend to relieve sore throat pain. Avoid irritating food or beverage for throat and be satisfied  soft food: marmelades soups ...

Against tonsillitis: treatment with essential oils

To treat tonsillitis one may use Essential oils different ways. In a diffuser to allow to humidify and purify the air around the patient. Thanks to disparome it is possible to dilute the essential Oil in the water and use it in mouthwash, and in inhalation. In case of bacterial angina it may be indicated to practice a light massage of the tonsils. To do this, a drop of essential oil must be used in a medium such as a spoon of honey, or vegetable olive oil for example. The essential oils of lemon, cinnamon, oregon as well as cypres are recognized for antibacterial powers

Tonsillitis treated with tea tree essential oil

The tea tree essential oil will be perfect in case of angina as it has  its anti-infectious virtues. It is possible to use it for gargling with hot salted water, which proves to be a good way to decrease the infection. For this you must add a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of hot water on which one will have poured two drops of Tea tree essential oil, one must not forget to spit out. It is possible to practice this gargle two or three times during the day. Inhalations will also relieve pain in the throat. For this in a large bowl of boiling water, pour 6 drops of Tea tree essential oil mixed with the disp arome (otherwise they would not mix in water). By breathing deeply above the bowl under a towel, the anesthetic effect of heat and Tea tree will be very effective. This can be repeated 3 times a day.

Ravintsara essential oil is an exceptional immune stimulant.

The Ravinstsara essential oil stimulates the respiratory system, is expectorant and mucolytic, so it is perfectly suitable in cases of angina. In case of angina, take 2 drops of Ravintsara essential oil in a teaspoon of honey, or on a neutral tablet three times a day. You can also apply 3 drops of Ravintsara essential oil on the chest and throat and massage from bottom to top to boost immunity. To relieve and help the breathing système inhale 5 drops of Ravintsara essential oil without forgetting to pour into the warm water of the disp arome to dilute the Ravintsara essential oil.

tonsillitis treatment with essential oilsBiohöma Advices              

Our advice in the treatment of angina is first of all to distinguish whether angina has just arisen or if it has been declared for a while.

In the first case, throat treatments, gargling and massage should be emphasized, and in the second case, all spectrum of treatment canbe used such as, throat treatment, massaging and taking oral synergies of essential oil.

For massages, combine a drop of Tea Tree essential oil, a drop of thyme thujanol essential oil and a drop of niaouli essential oil in 10 drops of almond vegetabla oil; Apply the mixture to the neck and massage from bottom to top to penetrate the solution. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

For gargling, in a bowl of very hot water pour a drop of Tea Tree essential oil, a drop of thyme thujanol essential and a drop of niaouli essential oil, add sea salt. Do not forget to spit the solution. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times a day.

For preparations to be taken orally in a teaspoon of honey or on a neutral tablet, mix one drop of essential oil of tee trea, one drop of essential oil of niaouli, one drop of essential oil of peppermint , a drop of essential oil of thyme thujanol. You can take this preparation 3 times a day

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