Organic detox massage oil


Pranarom detox essential oils synergy combines the virtues of essential oils of grapefruit, ginger, lemon, Atlas cedar and juniper. It is a 100% organic composition allowing to make several types of massage: slimming, invigorating, draining and firmness massage. The Detox selection is often diluted in massage oil.

  • Size: 10 ml

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How to use Detox massage oil

A positif result can be obtained by using the oils synergy according to the recommended parameters. Note that the composition is intended for external use, as in a Detox massage. This technique allows the oils to deliver their maximum efficiency. The most recommended method of use is to dilute the solution in natural massage oil to ensure maximumresult and pleasure.

Dilution should constitute 5% of the total solution. Indeed, pour 1 drop of the selection for 40 drops of base oil. If you use organic natural base oils, be aware that a pressure on the pump is equivalent to 40 drops. If you are accustomed to graduated test tubes, 40 drops are on the 2 ml mark. The flask contains 10 ml of pure solution. Note that it is strictly not advisable to use pure synergy directly on the skin. It is too strong for the skin layer. You can also seek advice from a specialist if you want to practice your detox essential oils massage at home.

Virtues and properties of pranarom detox selection

Synergy is recognized through its slimming virtue. It makes it possible to refine the padded areas of the body: belly, buttocks, etc. In order to lose weight, one can associate it with the practice of a physical activity and a diet. The detoxifying synergy is also a draining, vitalising formula. It helps the body evacuate the impurities stuck in our body. It helps to combat the effects of stress such as the appearance of the black spot on the face or the premature skin aging.
The detox massage oil also has its place in the beauty institutes and care centers. It allows a soft, satiny and supple skin. If you want to perceive the effect on your face, during the therapy, drink plenty of water and have a good night of sleep.