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Arnica organic oil


With soothing and calming properties, this oily macerate is used primarily to relieve bruising and reduce bruising. Also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this arnica oil is used to massage inflamed areas. It produces, moreover, a fulgurant effect against articular and muscular disorders.

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  • Botanical name: Arnica Chamissonis ou Arnica Montana
  • Plant part: Sommités fleuries
  • Extraction Method: Macération
  • Size: 100 ml

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Arnica oil virtues and use

100% natural, Arnica oil is obtained from a solar maceration of organic Arnica flowers in organic sunflower oil. The presence of essential oil of arnica and lactones makes this oil a real anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-bruise. Having undergone no chemical treatment, it has a cosmetic quality that is both reassuring and impressive.

It nourishes, softens the skin and improves its tone, thanks to its soothing virtue. Fluid texture, it penetrates easily and provides an immediate and lasting well-being for the user. By its warming action, the arnica oil maintains the natural heat of the body. This helps support the latter in case of loss of tone (sedentary, cautious, ...).

You should also know that arnica oil is a real first aid kit for any adult who is actively engaged in sports or outdoor activities. After effort, she relaxes fatigue and discomfort. Pure or mixed with essential oils, such as peppermint or helichrysum, it is suitable for skin massages. Arnica is very effective in case of stiff joints and muscle aches. Thus, it is recommended to anyone who likes to move.