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st. john's wort organic oil


st. john's wort oil is a plant that is found worldwide, except in deserts. It belongs to the family of hypericaceae hence its Latin name Hypericum. It can wait up to 10 m in height or more. It is sometimes recognized by its yellow flowers.

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  • Botanical name: Olea europaea
  • Plant part: Sommités fleuries
  • Extraction Method: Macération
  • Size: 100 ml

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st john wort oil benefits

  • st. john's wort oil contains many healing agents. According to specialists, organic st. john's wort oil can act as a calming, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, regenerating and anti-infectious ... It is recommended in case of depression. Studies conducted in the 1990s have shown its effectiveness in solving this problem. 80% of the subjects studied noticed a great improvement after one month's treatment.
  • Aside from that, st. john's wort oil is also indicated to solve the problems of insomnia, stress, cramps ... st john wort oil for nerve pain.
  • For women, it is the perfect ingredient to have an optimal beauty. It has a healing capacity. In this respect, it makes it possible to correct the imperfections engendered by the blotches. Long ago, this virtue had already been exploited. Indeed, our ancestors used the plant to cure burns and infections.
  • To take advantage of the product, it must be used properly. In this regard, the st. john's wort oil in question can be applied directly to the skin or administered orally. It depends on the situation and the problem to be solved. However, if one opts for the oral route, the best will be to do it during the meal to prevent gastric concerns.
  • Used after sun care with a drop of essential oil of Lavande Aspic it will be applied gently on the red part, it should not be re-exposed to the sun then because it is sensitizing photo. For damaged skin: 3 drops of St. John's wort, 3 drops Helichryse (immortelle) mixed in a tablespoon of Argan oil.