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Damask Rose Organic Hydrosol


Damask Rose organic hydrosol is a 100% natural and pure product whose ingredients come exclusively from organic farming. Discover the properties and uses of this hydrosol which gives off a pleasant sweet and sweet aroma.

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  • Botanical name: Rosa damascena
  • Plant part: petals
  • Size: 200 ml

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Damask Rose organic hydrosol Virtues and uses

Damask Rose organic hydrosol is a precious ally for the care of the body and mind. In cosmetics, it has beneficial actions on all types of skin.

  • Moisturizing and soothing, it nourishes sensitive skin;
  • Astringent, it is suitable for oily skin. Pink floral water for acne has purifying properties;
  • Refreshing, it reduces redness, rosacea and allergic reactions;
  • Thanks to its tightening effect, it helps to fight the early aging of the skin;
  • Tonifying and regenerating, it revitalizes the skin devitalized and dull;
  • Rebalancing and softening, it can be used for make-up removal;
  • Leaving a very pleasant aroma, it also serves to perfume the baths of young and old;
  • On the kitchen side, Damascus rose hydrosol brings a delicate aroma to hot or cold drinks. It brings an exceptional connotation to dessert creams, desserts, sorbets and red berries.