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Organic Orange Blossom Hydrosol


Orange blossom or Citrus aurantium is appreciated for its special scents and its benefits for the body. It is used in cooking, medicine and drinks.

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  • Plant Part: flower
  • Botanical name: Citrus aurantium
  • Size: 200 ml

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The benefits of the body of organic orange blossom hydrosol

Organic orange blossom hydrosol brings tone and vitality to the skin. For people with sensitive and dry integument, this product is what they need. By applying it on the epidermis, it regains suppleness and radiance.

This hydrosol is perfect for treating inflammations and skin irritations. In sunny areas, it is recommended to apply this lotion to prevent epidermal dryness.

The benefits of organic orange blossom hydrosol are not only felt on the skin tissue. Hair and nails are also concerned. It acts on the growth of the latter and the strengthening of their internal constitution.

Organic orange blossom hydrosol has relaxing and soothing effects on the psychoemotional health of humans. It can help insomniacs or people who have difficulty getting back to sleep.

The methods of using organic orange blossom hydrosol

organic orange blossom hydrosol is applied directly to the skin for the treatment of cutaneous lesions. In order to obtain results, do not hesitate to put them everywhere. However, it is advisable to follow the dosage prescribed by a professional.

For the treatment of psychic pathologies, the best way is misting, spraying or massage. Sleep disorders require a preparation. To do this, you must concoct a herbal tea mixed with this organic orange blossom hydrosol and drink it before going to bed.