Anti-aging lotion 100% Hydrolat


Are small wrinkles starting to appear on your face? From now on, use preventive products. Pranarom Anti-aging lotion 100% Hydrolat is what you need.

  • Size: 170 ml

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The benefits of this anti-aging lotion 100% Hydrolat

Wrinkles appear because of several internal factors like the natural aging of cells. They are also caused by external agents: sun, toxic products, atmospheric pollutants, lack of sleep or hydration. It is on this last point that this anti-aging lotion 100% Hydrosats intervenes. To do this, it helps to bring active agents comforting the dull skin lacking tone and dehydrated. If you have mature skin, this product will help you have a radiant face.

Composition of this anti-aging lotion

This 100% Hydrosol anti-aging lotion is made of several natural ingredients whose skin virtues are unparalleled. They are all hydrolats drawn by the distillation of the plant of origin:

  • hydrolat of immortelle

This component is used for its benefits acting on the blood circulation. In application on wrinkles, it allows to dilate the underlying cutaneous capillaries thus improving the suppleness of the skin. Apart from that, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and decongestant that can be applied to acne, dark circles and bruises. Epidermal irritations can also be treated by this hydrolat thanks to its healing and astringent virtues.

  • Damascus rose hydrosol

Like the immortal one, Damascus rose hydrosol is recommended to prevent signs of aging. It is an astringent tightening the pores, but also a powerful tensor restoring the elasticity of the skin. It also purifies and tones the epidermis and dermis.

  • Melissa hydrosol

Melissa hydrosol is recognized as a powerful anti-aging and a skin softener. It is recommended for mature skin beginning to present wrinkles and fine lines. Apart from these benefits, it is also an antioxidant limiting the effects of oxidative factors such as stress or pollution.