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Body and massage oil “heavy legs feeling”

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Are you often exposed to heavy legs syndromes and looking for a product to relieve them? “Heavy legs feeling” Body and massage oil is the right solution. The use of this body oil also brings a feeling of well-being and softens the skin.

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The components and properties of massage oil "Light Legs"

This massage oil for heavy legs is composed of a mix of vegetable oils and essential oils:

  • Juniper: a shrub that grows in altitude or in the French plains and from which is extracted an essential oil with woody aroma, pleasant which is particularly effective for draining and eliminating the toxins at the origin of heavy legs;
  • Sweet orange: a plant species native from Mexico or Brazil that provides a fruity and fresh essence known for its toning virtues;
  • Cedar: a tree from Morocco or Lebanon that gives an oil with a sweet and woody scent and used as a toning and relaxing agent to redcuce water retention and evacuate cellulite;
  • Cypress: a tree usually found in Provence (South of France) and whose leaves give off a sweet scent. Its oil is known for its invigorating properties in case of heavy legs;
  • Lemon: a tonic and tangy fruit from Sicily. This citrus is renowned for its regenerating and firming properties.

All essential and carrier oils that enter into the composition of the Body and “heavy legs feeling” massage oil are organic. It is certified by ECOCERT Greenlife label.