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Organic slimming massage oil

Direct Nature

For more efficiency, you plan to accompany your slimming treatment with a massage? Would you like to know the virtues of this organic slimming massage oil, because you particularly like organic certified products. Discover the ingredients and benefits of this massage oil for an ideal silhouette.

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Organic slimming massage oil ingredients and their properties

This organic slimming massage oil is composed of many ingredients whose combination of virtues brings results beyond your expectations:

  • Geranium of Egypt: the essential oil of this flower with the sweet and pleasant fragrance, is effective for a slimming care;
  • Cypress: the essence obtained from this tree accelerates the drainage and has toning virtues. It is thus commonly used for the massage of the silhouette;
  • Sweet orange: a species native from Mexico or Brazil, the essential oil extracted is known for its revitalizing properties promoting well-being;
  • Lemon: tangy fruit from Sicily, firming and regenerating muscles and skin;
  • Juniper: thorny shrub growing in altitude or in the plains and gives an essential oil to fight against the retention of water and eliminate cellulite;
  • Mandarin: fruit of a tree found in the Mediterranean regions, it exudes a mild aroma that promotes relaxation and calms nervous tension;
  • Cedar: a plant native from Morocco, it has a woody and sweet smell. Its essence is used in massage parlors to relax, tone the body and accelerate the evacuation of cellulite.