True Lavender Organic Essential Oil


The multiple virtues of true Lavender or Lavendula Angustifolia have been known since Ancient Greece. Part of the lamiaceae family, true lavender plants are found mostly in the southern part of France, in Provence. The plant’s essential oil is extracted through the distillation of its flowering tops. As a powerful muscle relaxant, this colorless to pale greenish yellow essence is popular among athletes. Here we invite you to discover the benefits of this powerful, yet pleasant smelling plant extract.

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  • Botanical Name: Lavendula Angustifolia
  • Botanical Family: Lamiacées
  • Country of Origin: France/Ukraine/Moldavie
  • Plant Part: Sommités fleuries
  • Size: 10 ml et 30 ml

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Virtues and instructions of use

  • On the digestive system, lavender essential oil is packed with antispasmodic compounds that are effective against nervous abdominal spasms in adults and children. You only need to dilute it with carrier oil and massage your abdomen with it.
  • Thanks to its muscle relaxing properties, a massage with finely diluted lavender essential helps relieve aches and cramps. Apart from its soothing and relaxing virtues, fine lavender extract also helps reduce palpitations and high blood pressure.
  • In olfaction, true lavender essential oil acts as an anti-depressive, mood lifting and sedative that combats anxiety, stress, child nervousness, emotivity, insomnia, sleep disorders, anguish and overwork effects. To treat a migraine or headache, dilute it with a carrier oil and gently massage the front head with the mix.
  • True lavender essential oil is a truly effective antiseptic. It is the ideal oil capable of speeding up burns’ healing; it deals effectively well with sunburn and skin disorders including eczema, pruritus, cutaneous mycosis, acne, psoriasis and eschar. Wonder how to get that result? Simply dilute it with carrier oil and apply the mix to the problematic area.
  • When diffused in infested places, fine lavender’s extract helps fight mites and fleas with its antiparasitic compounds. Want to get rid of head lice? Simply pour 2 to 5 drops of the extract on the scalp.