Cinnamon Organic Essential Oil


Also called Ceylon cinnamon, ‘cinnamomum verum’ has been used for 5,000 years in Chinese medicinal tradition. Plus, the Greeks and Romans used it as an aphrodisiac. Cinnamon essential oil boasts itself with many virtues and is widely known as an extremely potent anti-infection essence and an effective digestive stimulant. Its use varies depending on the illness to be treated and the type of possible application: dermal, internal application or in olfaction. With its antifungal and antiviral qualities, this essence effectively combats warts. Stimulating and toning with a pleasant scent, it is used diluted in aphrodisiac massage.

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  • Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Verum
  • Botanical Family: Lauracées
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar
  • Plant Part: Feuilles et écorce
  • Size: 10 ml

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Properties and use guideline of cinnamon essential oil

  • Cinnamon essential oil is a powerful anti-infectious, broad-spectrum bactericide, antiviral and antiparasitic potion capable of treating gastroenteritis, diarrhea or gynecological infection. It is also a well-known body and libido tonic and is rich in antifungal qualities. Want to get rid of oral mycoses? Make a mouthwash with 1 drop in a little cup of water.
  • In case of physical fatigue, dilute it with carrier oil and apply the mix to the affected area. Then massage the back and soles of your feet. You can also use it in olfaction. Wonder how to get rid of the flu? Just follow the same process: dilution with carrier oil for skin application, plus a massage of the arches and the spinal column. For precaution, always perform a dermal test in your elbow crease. Dermocaustic as it is, cinnamon essential oil may cause skin irritation.
  • For psycho-emotional problems, it is the ideal remedy with proven effectiveness against all kinds of latent depression, psychological anguish, physical and / or psychic asthenia, impotence and so forth. May we remind you that a consultation by a professional therapist is recommended should you need personalized information that suits your health status and profile.