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Organic Oregano Essential Oil in Capsules


Daily life, especially professional life, is often very rhythmic. Because of fatigue, the body is easily affected by infectious agents that cause various pathologies. When it is too late, you can only consult a doctor who will prescribe medication. However, it is possible to prevent those deseases by improving your immune system by taking dietary supplements such as the organic Oregano essential oil capsules called oleoaromatic capsules.

  • Botanical name: Origanum compactum
  • Size: 30 cap.

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The main components and their virtues

This dietary supplement based on oregano compact capsule is mainly composed of Oregano known as the scientific Origanum compactum. It is a perennial, rhizome-native European plant with a 40-70 cm stem and dark green leaves.

Historically and even until now, this plant has always been used for its powerful antibacterial and fungicidal qualities. It is also highly valued as a stimulant for the immune system. It is used to treat: infectious diarrhea, intestinal infections, infectious dermatosis, parasitic dermatosis, angina, tracheitis, bronchitis, influenza, laryngitis as well as infection of the urinary tract and pathways Genital diseases. Moreover, the oregano cystitis capsule is a recommended treatment for this urinary infection affecting most women.
Moreover, for people in loss of stimulation and general tone of the body, nothing better than a cure of organic Oregano essential oils capsules. They also contribute to fight or prevent psycho-emotional disorders such as depression, intellectual fatigue or lack of self-confidence. Physical and sexual problems can be treated by a cure based on this dietary supplement.
Apart from 100% natural Oregano oil, these capsules are also made from rapeseed vegetable oil to contribute to vitamins and fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), important for your metabolisms.


A cure of oleoaromatic capsules lasts five to seven consecutive days. Take three capsules each day with a glass of water at each meal. After two days taking three capsules you should feel the benefits. To renew the cure, a pause of ten days is mandatory before taking again a single capsule.