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Ginger Organic essential Oil


Ginger is one of most used plant essences in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. Thanks to its digestive qualities, this rhizome is also useful in food seasoning. Boasting with multiple virtues, ginger essential oil helps stimulate the digestive system, intestines and stomach. Many therapists recommend its use when dealing with bloating, slow or difficult digestion. It is an excellent essence capable of relieving pain while combating inflammation. Moreover, its libido-enhancing virtues are common knowledge among lovers.

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  • Botanical Name: Zingiber Offinale
  • Botanical Family: Zingiberacées
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar / Afrique du Sud / Egypte
  • Plant Part: Rhizome
  • Size: 10 ml

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Properties and uses

  • Ginger essential oil’s effectiveness is attributed to its properties as general tonic, digestive tonic and aphrodisiac. Anti-inflammatory, it effectively relieves rheumatic pains. With its pleasantly fresh, spicy scent, it can add fine perfume to your home cosmetics. For feminine beauty, it stimulates hair growth. Want to try out? Only 2 drops added to your shampoo will suffice.
  • Apart from that, ginger essential oil is a great anti-nausea potion; it alleviates motion sickness as well as nausea in pregnant women. As a digestive stimulant, ginger is an effective remedy for constipation, colic, bloating and aerophagia. It also helps counter inappetence. Interesting enough, it has venous and lymphatic decongestant properties that help rid varicose veins and edema.
  • On a psycho-emotional level, ginger essential oil, when diffused or used in olfaction, helps fight stress, anxiety and lack of self-confidence. Ginger has immune benefits and relieves fatigue. To enjoy its wholesome benefits, dilute the essential oil with a vegetable oil, and then massage the soles of your feet and instep. You can also try it in inhalation or diffusion.
  • As a great physical, mental and sexual stimulant with aphrodisiac effects,you can spice up your intimate moment with ginger essential oil. Note that an advice by a therapist is always required before any use of this oil, especially for long-term treatments.