Red Mandarin Organic Essential oil


Mandarin, as its name suggests, is native to China where it is used to cure digestive disorders. Other findings show that it was offered to Mandarin - Chinese people as a gift during feasts, and its name "mandarin" would subsequently adopted. Classified among citrus fruits, mandarin is cultivated in Europe since the nineteenth century. Thanks to its softness, mandarin is now among the most appreciated fruits by the local people. Some even think that its fragrance helps develop creativity and imagination.

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  • Botanical Name: Citrus Reticulata
  • Botanical Family: Rutacées
  • Country of Origin: Brésil
  • Plant Part: Zeste
  • Size: 10 ml

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Virtues and uses of Mandarin Essential Oil

  • Its fruit is useful in balancing the nervous system and eliminating stress and anxiety. It also acts as an excellent relaxant and anxiolytic. For those who suffer from insomnia, note that this fruit promotes sleep and calms the mind. If your child appears to be hyperactive, angry or too restless, a small dose of mandarin essential oil will help him find a better mood.
  • The Chinese people were right: mandarin is an excellent digestive and antispasmodic tonic. Take some in case of aerophagy, slow digestion or excess food. And use it to regain your appetite.
  • Numerous are the virtues of this citrus fruit. Currently, some pharmaceutical companies have successfully developed anti-nausea medications from mandarin essence. Thus, it allows people suffering from sea or car sickness to enjoy a vomit-free voyage or travel.
  • In the beauty care and well-being industry, the fruit is known as a quality anti-cellulite.
  • To treat your greasy hair, mix 2 drops of mandarin essential oil with your shampoo and massage your hair with the mixture.
  • If you have just endured some sleepless nights, your skin may appear tired and wrinkled, and that's normal! To help it regain its natural tone, dilute your mandarin essential oil with carrier oil in a face mask or cream. You can also inhale it directly. Follow the same process to treat oily skin.