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Cistus Organic Essential Oil


Cistus" as Joseph Pitton de Tournefort would call it, is a shrub of 50 cm high with sticky leaves; its therapeutic use dated back to the antiquity as a bleeding stopper and scar-appearance reducer. The Greeks of the time also used it in their religious rites. Cistus may suddenly ignite at a temperature of 32 ° C.

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  • Botanical Name: Cistusladaniferus
  • Botanical Family: Cistacées
  • Country of Origin: Bassin méditerranéen
  • Plant Part: Geuilles et rameaux
  • Size: 10 ml

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Anti-hemorrhagic cistus essential oil

  • Cistus essential oils are extracted from cistus plants. These hemostatic potions are used to heal wounds and stop bleeding. Did you accidently cut your fingers? Is your nose bleeding? Try cistus essential! Your pharmacist would recommend this product for complex wounds, chapped or cracked hemorrhoid.

Cistus oil for skin care

  • Numerous are the benefits of using cistus on the skin. Its essential oil helps tone the skin and diminishes the effects of aging. Actually, it smooths wrinkled derms and removes pimples as well as acnes in teenagers. After childbirth, it helps the new mums have a firm skin by eliminating abdominal stretch marks.

Cistus: a great preventive essence for influenza

  • Apart from its therapeutic benefits on wounds and skin, cistus essential oil also acts as an antiviral. It is recommended to treat swine and avian influenza. Plus, it effectively helps fight measles, varicella, whooping cough and scarlet fever in children.

For a stress-free day, use cistus

  • Cistus essential oil plays a great role in the well-being of the nervous system. It is an effective cure for nervous breakdown. Thus, in some cultures, people use it to uplift mourners’ mood.