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Clary Sage Organic Essential oil


Native to Southern Europe, clary sage was called magical plant back in antiquity. Most of the case, women enjoy the best of it as clary sage assists in menstrual cycles and during menopause. Clary sage essential oil’s actions are pretty similar to the estrogens. This essence actually regulates transpiration and sebum secretion. Plus, it is an effective tonic for the scalp. Just don’t confuse it with officinal sage-based medication, sold by prescription, which is proven to be abortive and neurotoxic.

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  • Botanical Name: Salvia Sclarea
  • Botanical Family: Lamiacées
  • Country of Origin: France / Ukraine
  • Plant Part: Sommités fleuries
  • Size: 10 ml

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Virtues and uses of Sage Essential Oil

  • Thanks to its estrogenic-like qualities, this essence effectively regulates menstruation cycle. It helps counter any disorders and anomalies of the menstrual cycles: missed period, pain, mood disorders, abundant menstruation ... What it differs from a synthetic estrogen treatment is that clary sauge essential oil is natural, thus, no side effects to worry about. To fight menstruation disorders and counter the signs of menopause, dilute it with a carrier oil, then rub the lower abdomen with the mix.

  • Sage essential oil assists well in preparing, triggering and easing childbirth. Antiperspirant, it is a premium ally for women during menopause. It is an effective natural remedy for hot flushes. Clary Clary sage can also uplift the mood and treat vaginal dryness. With its anti-fungal properties, it combats candidaalbican, vaginal and cutaneous mycoses. In case of skin inflammations, try a local application.
  • When blended with a vegetable oil or other essential oils, clary sage combats cellulites. And many aromatherapists would prescribe it for fat burning purpose.
  • As an excellent sexual tonic, this essential oil is helpful in treating sexual disorders while acting as a libido aphrodisiac. Note that the same property effectively tones the blood circulation and thereby fights hemorrhoids and varicose veins.