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Saro Organic Essential oil


Native to Madagascar, Saro or Mandravasarotra is an evergreen and potently aromatic tree which can reach up to 5 meters in height. Saro essential oil is primarily reputed for its anti-diarrhea and general tonic properties. Sharing close similarity to Ravintsara, you can use it as the latter’s substitute. As a powerful expectorant and antiviral, this oil deals well with cold. It boosts the immune defenses, as its name suggests in Malagasy language. Translation:"holding evil away".

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  • Botanical Name: Cinnamosma Fragrans
  • Botanical Family: Cannellacées
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar
  • Plant Part: Feuilles
  • Size: 10 ml

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Virtues and use of Saro

  • As the winter always comes with its own ailments, know that you can avoid and fight them off. Saro, with its exceptionally potent antiviral compounds, is an ideal potion that fights colds, flu and angina. In air diffusion, you can prepare a blend consisting of Fir pine and Saro essential oil of equal dose. Once the first symptoms of those diseases appear, just don’t hesitate to inhale some drops of this decongestant and purifying essential oil.
  • Applying a few drops of saro essential oil to the soles of your feet, back and thorax can help you boost your immune defenses. With its expectorant action, it liquefies the bronchi and relieves productive cough. It is also a very effective medication against herpes, shingles and mononucleosis. Its immune tonic properties help the body revitalize itself. Alongside that, its therapeutic benefits in children are proven: it effectively wards off chicken pox, measles and scarlet fever.
  • Saro can be used to prevent and heal all kinds of infections on all parts of the body. Its softness makes it a must-choose oil for both external and internal application.
  • Neurotonic, saro essential oil assists in relieving physical and psychic fatigue. In case of sleep disorder, it brings peace of mind while helping sooth nervousness and anxiety.