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Thyme Linalool Organic Essential oil


A live herb harvested before summer, thyme ct linalool grows all over Europe in marly soils, at low altitude. The Romans produced different kinds of cosmetics with it and used them to purify their homes. They also used it to "flavor cheeses". Its proven potency makes it a genuine aromatic plant.
Linalool is a potent antifungal, anti-infectious, antibacterial and immune stimulant substance, proving thyme linalool essential oil’s effectiveness in preventing ENT and cutaneous infections.

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  • Botanical Name: Thymus Vulgaris Linaloliferum
  • Botanical Family: Lamiacées
  • Country of Origin: Espagne
  • Plant Part: Sommités fleuries
  • Size: 10 ml

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Health benefits and properties of thyme linalool essential oil

  • In infusion, it acts as a digestive tract disinfectant used in combination with sage or rosemary. Thyme relieves digestive disorders. When infused, it can also be used as a mouthwash complement in case of inflamed gums and gargling treatment, irritated throat and angina. Interestingly enough, thyme or thyme-containing medications are mainly used in fumigation to treat sinusitis and rhinitis. It also assists in treating liver disease.
  • When it comes to treating liver disease, skin disorder, warts, acne, cutaneous mycosis, genital candidiasis and psoriasis,try thyme linalol essential oil. Known as the mildest of all thymes, thyme ct linalool deals well with urinary and gynecological problems, cystitis and vaginitis. Vermicide, it is capable of eliminating intestinal parasites. Also, this oil fights against respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis and pharyngitis while helping calm cough.
  • Thyme ct linalool essential oil is a real nervous stimulant and helps you recover from fatigue. It is also worth highlighting that this sweet Thyme is used to craft sweet-smelling liqueurs. In all cases, don’t forget to consult a professional therapist prior to use.