Ravintsara Organic Essential Oil


Ravintsara is the most powerful antiviral known today. From the lauraceae family, also called "Madagascar camphor tree", this plant is native to the island of the same name. Its name means "good leaf" in Malagasy. Aside from being an exceptional anti-infective, ravintsara essential oil is renowned for its multiple properties. It stimulates the immune system, promotes expectoration, decongests the veins, tones the blood circulation and regenerates the skin.

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  • Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Camphora
  • Botanical Family: Lauracees
  • Country of Origin: Madagascar
  • Plant Part: leaves
  • Size: 10 ml

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Ravintsara essential oil Virtues and uses

A powerfull antiviral, ravintsara essential oil is used in the prevention or treatment of many diseases, such as influenza, colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, angina, laryngitis, hepatitis, mononucleosis and gastrointestinal diseases. enteritis. Thanks to its regenerative properties, it can cure all kinds of herpes, shingles, boils and problem skin. Diluted with a vegetable oil, it is used in diffusion, in olfaction or in application on the place to be treated (for the cutaneous problems). Treatment can also be done internally, but you must first consult a therapist.

Expectorant, ravintsara helps fight productive bronchitis, oily cough, flu, respiratory infections with phlegm. In inhalation, diffusion, massage in the area affected, olfaction or diluted with vegetable oil, this plant acts against otitis, sinusitis and rhinopharyngitis.

Especially recommended for people with immunodeficiency, ravintsara essential oil is an excellent stimulant of the immune system and the cardiorespiratory system. It is used in diffusion, in olfaction or internally on the advice of a therapist.

Used in the bath, a few drops mixed with a neutral base, olfaction or diffusion, this essential oil is energizing and helps to restore the nervous balance. It is effective to fight against physical and mental fatigue. It fights depression, insomnia, exhaustion, anxiety, anxiety, asthenia, lack of self-confidence.