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Essential oil diffuser for car

Direct Nature

This essential oils diffuser for car is to be plug on the cigarette lighter. Just pour a few drops of essential oil on the pad to purify, soften and slightly perfume the air confined in the vehicle. It is a practical device because it is compatible with air conditioning. Thus, all annoying odors are eliminated, namely tobacco, animals or other. You can also enjoy your favorite aromas.

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First, you should know that this diffuser works on the principle of diffusion by soft heat. In order not to alter the active ingredients of the essential oils, the heat is thermo-regulated at 45 ° maximum. The diffusion temperature has been specially studied for this purpose.

Just pour a few drops of essential oil on the pad of your essential oils diffuser for car. Then put it in its case before plugging into the cigarette lighter. Wait a few moments for the diffusion of the perfume in your vehicle.

In addition, it has a circuit breaker to block the system in case of excessive heating. This prevents any risk of overheating. You can use several essential oils to eliminate odors, clean the air or help passengers fight against nausea during the trip, etc. Simple operation allows quick and efficient commissioning.

With this device, you will be able to make the most of the benefits of HE in your car while traveling. In addition, the power of this diffuser fits perfectly in the confined space of the car.

You have many buffers delivered with the diffuser, not to mix the essential oils. Do not forget to unplug the diffuser after each use. In case of deterioration or loss, there are also refills.