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Zen Essential Oils sponge diffuser

Direct Nature

Zen Essential Oils sponge diffuser uses a synergywellbeing. Its diffusion system is based on the sponge contained inside the pot and full of essential Oil by capillarity. This one spreads the oil in the rooms of your home without needing a socket. With its perfume promoting escape, you can enjoy Zen-attitude in an atmosphere full of sweetness and sensuality.

  • Size: 45 ml

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Zen Essential Oils sponge diffuser suage tips

Contained in a pot of 45ml, these oils have remarkable properties that guarantee a feeling of well-being and relaxation wherever you place the bottle. Its use is simple. Simply remove the lid before placing it in the room to spread the essential oil to be zen.

Thanks to its practical packaging, this product is easy to carry everywhere. You can have it in a living room, in the small office, on the bedside table, in the bathroom, etc. You can also take it with you during your travels or holidays.

In order to perfume these small spaces with this suave odor that provides escape, the HE that constitute this mixture are those of:

     Little Grain
     Ylang ylang