Used for therapeutic purposes or simply as a fragrance in his home, the wide choice of essential oil diffusers will perfectly meet your desires for freshness. These devices are available on in several types, sizes and colors.

The essential oil Ultrasonic Diffuser

This device uses cold steam to diffuse the essential oil through a room. Thanks to the ultrasonic emitted by this device, the aromatic particles are projected onto the entire room and can easily cover an area of ​​40 m².

This type of essential oil diffuser offers several advantages, the first being its aesthetic side. It can serve as a decorative object into any room of the house especially the living room. The main advantage of Ultrasonic Diffuser is that they are pretty quiet. They can be placed in the bedroom without disturbing sleep at night

The Ultrasonic Diffuser has considerable advantages for the well-being of its user. This is a Natural product as you have a diffuser of organic essential oil kite elegant in your home. In addition to its relatively low cost, it also lowers the ambient temperature of the room. It is possible thanks to its active agent: water.

The essential oil nebulizer

For people who want to treat themselves with essential oils, the nebulizer is an essential oil diffuser which is particularly recommended. This device uses air to propel the particles throughout the room. It proves to be highly effective for aromatherapy it is basically the most powerful diffuser. The airborne and fine particles of oil are pure and retain all their virtues. Thanks to the power of the cold air blast, this device can be used in larger rooms up to 120 m² in area. Nebulizers are available as a nomadic essential oil diffuser with a glass or wooden shell.