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NOVEA essential oil diffuser with a light

Direct Nature

At the same time sober and powerful, Novea is among the diffusers of last generation. It offers glassware with an elegant design. It is installed on a base of light or dark wood. The base is equipped with an anti-vibration layer and a flow control switch. Novea diffuses a perfumed mist, and is lit with a powerful white diode.

  • Type: Nebulizing diffuser (EU plug you may need an adapter)
  • Material: Wood and Pyrex glass
  • Color: Clear or dark wood
  • Room size: Up to 100 sq meters (1076 sq f)
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Novea: how does it work?

This diffuser is unique thanks to its flow control system. Triggered by the switch, this function makes it possible to adapt each diffusion to the dimension of a room. The maximum flow can cover an area up to ​​100 m2. Note that even in a maximum configuration the motor of the device remains silent. This is possible thanks to the anti-vibration foam located below the base. Note that this essential oils diffuser uses the micronization diffusion system, which makes it possible to diffuse oil without heat. This results in total release of the aromatic molecules into the air. Above all, it remains a very decorative element.