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Tropical Essential Oils sponge diffuser

Direct Nature

Easy to use, this air freshener diffuser combines subtle essential oils. Thanks to its natural diffusion system, you no longer need an electrical connection. Indeed, the sponge that is in the pot makes the oils come up to the surface by capillarity. The use of this Tropical Essential Oils sponge diffuser in your rooms is practical, especially for a romantic and exotic evening.

  • Size: 45 ml

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How to useTropical Essential Oils sponge diffuser

Packaged in a small bottle of 45 ml, this synergy of volatile essential oils is ready to be difused into the rooms of your home. Thanks to its warm tropical scent, it guarantees both escape and meditation, always in a relaxed atmosphere.

The oils contained in this fragrance diffuser are:

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Essential oil of Cananga odorata
Ylang-ylang essential oil

Ideal for a room of less than 10 m2, this diffuser is easy to use because you just have to open it and have it in the room. And that's it, it's immediate effect. Only after each use, be sure to close it. This measure will extend its lifespan for up to 2-3 months.