Palmarosa Organic Essential Oil


Also called geranium of the Indies, palmarosa is a tonic for the nervous system by using which you can relieve psycho-emotional problems. This tropical herb of up to 3 meter high comes with a scent similar to that of geranium rosa and rose; people in India use palmarosa for its wound healing properties. A palmarosa essential oil is also a powerful anti-fungal and antimicrobial remedy that helps fight foot odors, greasy and dry hair, and different kinds of mycosis. Its lymphatic draining compounds ease blood circulation, thereby combating varicose veins and heavy legs.

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  • Botanical Name: Cymbopogon Martinii var. Motia
  • Botanical Family: Poacées
  • Country of Origin: Indes
  • Plant Part: Plantes fleuries (herbes)
  • Size: 10 ml

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Properties of palmarosa essential oil

  • Palmarosa essential oil boasts itself with exceptional properties, all helpful in countering viruses, microbes and the proliferation of fungi. Its powerful antibacterial compounds revitalize the immune defenses while effectively combating infections. When diluted and applied to the affected skin, its antiviral and antifungal properties help fight cutaneous, digestive and even gynecological mycoses.
  • When used in olfaction or diffusion, it is effective against viral and bacterial infections, the likes of influenza, sinusitis, nasal congestion and rhinopharyngitis ... Moreover, palmarosa essential oil is highly recommended for psycho-emotional and hormonal problems including nervous fatigue, hyperemotivity, stress, anxiety, restlessness, lack of self-confidence, chronic anxiety and poor sleep. It is also worth mentioning that it is an effective remedy against overwork and irritability.
  • For a safe internal treatment with palmarosa essential oil, make sure you consult a therapist to get an accurate idea of ​​your medical conditions prior to use. Such treatment can help you recover from various urogenital diseases and gyneco-vaginal infections.